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Rebranding The Past, Present and Future - LeFlore Magnet School

In April of 2022, I met Dr. Anton Williams, the new principal at LeFlore Magnet High School in Mobile, Alabama. Immediately upon meeting him, I could see that his mission was to bring some new energy and life to this storied and proud institution of learning and community. One of the first things he wanted to do was give a fresh and modernized "look" to the school but remain respectful to its beloved past. So, we set out to create a new and concise brand look featuring two elements, an institutional logo and a sports marketing logo for the athletics department.

With the creative brief finished, the only design mandatories were that the LeFlore mascot, the "Rattlers," and the brand colors of green and orange were not to be changed. My own mandatories were that the students, staff, and community would love to wear this new "crest" and that the sports marketing logo looked "ferocious" on a football helmet, basketball uniform, and the marching band bass drum. Plus, Dr. Williams and I wanted a logo system that had merchandise and product appeal so that the brand had the opportunity to be a sales generator and not just a branding/marketing tool or an expense on the yearly school balance sheet.

LeFlore Logo Variations

Designer Notes (personal thoughts not on the brief):

  • There are so many high schools, college, and sports "snake" mascot logos that we need to make sure that LeFlore has its own unique design.

  • The "Institutional" logo needs to incorporate the rattle of the "Rattler," and the mark needs to feel academic, established, and modern.

  • Schools use their logos on everything from uniforms, school supplies, business letterhead, stadium fields, and gymnasium courts. The logo needs to be easy to produce and implement.

  • Working with green and orange color combinations can be tricky. Design a color pallet that doesn't "radiate" but maintains the "look" of the institution's past.

Shout out to designer/illustrator Mark Calametti for helping us with the snake illustration on the sports marketing "Dynamic L" logo. Without his help, this logo would not be beautiful and "ferocious." Plus, thanks to Dr. Williams and Rena Phillips at the Mobile County Public School System for trusting me to work and collaborate on this fantastic project.

Check out the new LeFlore "look" and some of the great things Dr. Williams and the LeFlore Rattlers are doing in Mobile, Alabama

Brand Standard - Institutional Logo


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