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Sketchnotes: Senior Bowl Leadership Conference 2019

Last week Scott Tindle and Bradley Flowers with the guidance of grand foo-bah Jim Nagy of the Reese's Senior Bowl kicked off the first inaugural Senior Bowl Leadership Summit at the Saenger Theater in Mobile, Alabama. In a nutshell, the SBLS is a conference that features some of the biggest NFL coaches and players, scouts, MLB front office managers, sports marketing pros, and sports media celebrities in the biz to share their insights and secrets with a business and entrepreneur audience to educate and inspire their team building skills for the office, on the field, and in the classroom. Oh, and Gary Vaynerchuk also made an appearance to promote his keynote for the 2nd Annual Senior Bowl Leadership Summit in 2020.

Here are my sketchnotes from each of the panels. Enjoy!

Some of my favorite moments:

Attention beats marketing - Jesse Cole / Savannah Bananas

Love your customers more than your products - Jesse Cole

We look for blue-chip + blue-collar - Bucky Brooks / NFL Media & Scout

We look for the "WE" not the "ME." - Daniel Jeremiah / NFL Network & Scout

Notice the brand moments of truth. - Morgan Shaw-Parker / Atlanta Falcons

Have self-awareness and embrace radical candor. - Jim Cavale / INFLCR

I coach and lead with truth. - Coach Kyle Shanahan

I LOVE football and get rid of those that don't. - Coach Jon Gruden

Preparation makes presentation. - Coach Jon Gruden

Win or lose. Love the battle. - Dr. Jim Brennan

Have lessons in humility daily. - Sandra Richards / Morgan Stanley Sports Marketing

Practice empowerment and know that failure is discovery. - Jesse Cole

You're the bus driver; you decide who gets on the bus and who stays. - Coach Sylvester Croom

Look for talent but hire for passion and humility. - Ozzie Newsome / Former GM of Baltimore Ravens

Find balance, not control. - Brandon Taubman / Houston Astros

I would rather fly with five eagles than 50 buzzards. - AJ Scola / Atlanta Braves

Want to know more about the 2020 Senior Bowl Leadership Summit click here.

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