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Bottled Up EP4: Cheers To Matt Mavar of The Cannery Bar and Grill

On this Bottled Up episode, host Andrew Allen talks with Mathew Mavar, the owner of The Cannery Bar and Grill in the beautiful city of Woolmarket, MS. Mathew reveals the ins and outs, joys, and challenges of running one of the best live music venues and bars on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Plus, he also shares his family tree origin story of "The Cannery" name, the genius of Elvis, and his best advice on surviving the grind and the secrets to thriving in the bar and restaurant industry.

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This podcast is powered by Allen Beverages Allen Beverages is one of the premier food and beverage companies on the Gulf Coast with a product line of Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Lipton Tea, Dole juices, Sunkist Flavors, Hawaiian Punch, Starbucks, Aquafina Water, Sobe, Gatorade.


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