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Branding Joe Cain

In 2017, Wayne Dean asked me to work with him on the Joe Cain brand and identity system. Wayne is the present and 4th embodiment of Joe Cain, the character created by Joseph Stillwell Cain in 1868 and credited with initiating the modern way of observing Mardi Gras and its "People's Parade" celebration in Mobile, Alabama. Wayne, as Joe Cain (Chief Slacabamorinico), is not only the heart and soul of Mobile Mardi Gras; he is also the official city Ambassador of Mobile, where his duties are to meet (and charm) visiting politicos, dignitaries, luminaries, and visitors. In this capacity, Wayne and I set out to create something he could use as a logo and brand to solidify his role as the official and living spirit of "Joe Cain" and present his authentic civic credentials when serving as the city's "Ambassador."

The "WHY" Of The JOE Design

  • Create a historical period appropriate logo that also looks and feels present and modern

  • Brand Wayne Dean as the official "Joe Cain"

  • Identify Wayne as the "Ambassador of Mobile"

  • Create a look that fits the history and legend of Joe Cain and all of the men who portrayed "Joe Cain"

  • Create a Mardi Gras design that could be used for business papers, media, press, merchandise, doubloons, and throws.

  • Develop a new "Joe" face illustration and type use that is "recognizable" but "fresh"

  • Manage the large amount of information for the logo and crest designs to be used

  • Develop a color palette that reflects Joe Cain's costume especially his fox fur belt, not the traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple and gold (never green)

  • Incorporate an adaptable design that will easily work for the next Joe Cain. Whoever that may be.

Joe Cain - Primary Logo, Mark and Seal Design

Wayne Dean - "Joe" Design

Check out Wayne Dean's Book: 150 Years of Joe Cain

Joe Cain Mark - Historically (All) Joesph Stillwell Cain

Julian Rayford

Bud "Red" Foster

Wayne Dean To distinguish all the Cains we added a handwritten signature design element and an icon set for each mark that represented the personality and style of each of the JOEs.

Joe Cain Seal - Historically (All)

Joe Cain Merchandise

I sold Joe Cain t-shirts, huggers, posters and coffee cups on the Deep Fried Threads website. Deep Fried is no longer around but you can still find some of these JOE products at Ashland Gallery in Midtown Mobile. The JOE merchandise primarily featured the JOE logo but I also had some fun incorporating pop culture + Joe myths to expand the retail appeal of the design. Joe Shirt

The official "JOE" logo shirt

Cup Of Joe

It took me a year to have this design and t-shirts on the market to see we all need a Cup of Joe. There is also Joe's favorite coffee recipe on the packaging: "The Ol' Joe" 1 Part Irish Whiskey 1 Part Ceramic Cup

Poster KISS inspired CAIN poster design.

Wayne informed me this first time all 4 Joe Cain's had ever been in 1 picture or work of art.

All images, logos, marks and seals are protected images and any NO reproduction or use without prior consent from Wayne Dean or Johnny Gwin is prohibited.


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