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Barton Academy: Looking Forward, Backwards and Reimagining A Historic Brand

In late 2020, I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Amanda Jones, Principal at Barton Academy for Advanced World Studies in Mobile, Alabama, to create a new logo for a historic reopening of Alabama's first public school. Under Dr. Jones's leadership, she was not only reopening a legendary school she was also bringing in a new direction for preparatory school (grades 5-9) education of a core curriculum that also includes technology, global studies, world languages, entrepreneurship, and fine arts.

The new Barton Academy logo needed to achieve seven things:

  • Create a logo and identity that reflects the prestige and excellence of Barton's historic past and bright future

  • Reflect innovation & 21st Century learning

  • Maximize the visual value of Barton Academy's well-known architecture

  • Provide an adaptable and flexible design to be able to work in many applications.

  • Provide options that minimize the problematic length of the school name

  • Distinguish design so as not to be confused with the MCPSS logo (County System logo also uses Barton's architectural dome)

  • Make sure the logo mark looks good on the uniform blue blazer.

Barton Academy Logo Variations

Logo Design Direction And Inspirado

Neoclassicism Design

Incorporate the design principles of the virtues of the arts in Ancient Greece and Rome: simplicity, symmetry, and mathematics.

Bauhaus Movement

Use harmoniously balanced geometric shapes with an emphasis on function.

Iconic Dome Architecture

Barton Academy is known for its beautiful dome architecture feature.

Global Education Focus

Barton Academy is a local preparatory school with a global perspective and advanced curriculum.

Keywords & Brand Personality

  • Cutting-Edge

  • Classical

  • Reinvigorating

  • College-Prep

  • Prestige

  • Excellence

  • Transformative

  • Confident

Thanks again Dr. Amanda and the Mobile County Public School System for trusting me to work on another of your school's identities and brands. It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Amanda Jones on this beautiful branding project.

Check out all the amazing things happening Barton Academy for Advanced World Studies.


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