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2018: The Year I Forgot and Remembered I Love Graphic Design

Whew! 2018 was crazy busy and crazy good. For the last two years, while my primary focus has been to develop and promote my podcasting studio (Deep Fried Studios), I almost forgot I was a graphic designer and marketer. Luckily I still have some great folks that have worked with me over the years and continue to trust me with their brand creation and revisions. Plus, they frequently refer others to me. Thanks so much, you know who you are.

Here are some of my favorite logos and marks I worked on this year, not including the logos and graphics for the podcasts I produce. It's an interesting exercise to review a whole years worth of work and select only a few projects to show.

What I've have learned reviewing my 2018 design work: 1. I did a lot more brand work than I remembered 2. My illustrator skills have improved 3. Boy, do I have a long way to go to be the designer I want to be 4. Geez, I work with a lot of different types of businesses and people 5. Design can be equally challenging and really fun 6. I am starting to realize I don't have a specific "style." 7. I WANT TO DO MORE COOL PROJECTS LIKE THESE IN 2019

Listing of logos (Left to Right) 1. Momentum* University Real Estate Conference Project: Logo for upcoming national real estate conference in New Orleans, La Client: Jason Will - Impact Agent University *Conference name changed to Impact Agents University Conference

2. Gold Premium Project: Logo rebrand for upscale original equipment auto parts supplier Client: BBB Enterprises

3. Vibrant Futures Project: Logo for Economic Development Consulting Company Client: Green Suttles / Vibrant Futures

4. JOE Project: Brand and merchandising graphics for Wayne Dean - the Offical Joe Cain - Chief Slacabamorinco IV (Mobile, Alabama)

JOE Tshirts and merch are available at Deep Fried Threads Client: Wayne Dean & Deep Fried Threads

5. Eric Erdman Project: Branding and merchandising graphics for musician Eric Erdman and his latest music release Client: Eric Erdman Music

6. Ladd Elderly Law* Project: Rebrand for a law firm specializing in elderly law and financial advising Client: Ladd Elderly Law *letterforms spell out LADD

7. The Haunted Book Shop Project: Create a unique and fun brand, signage and merchandising graphics for a legendary bookshop reboot in Mobile, Alabama. *It was hard to hide my spirits doing this work.

8. FX Masterclass Project: Product logo for Jason Stapleton's foreign currency exchange teaching program and lessons. Client: Jason Stapleton / Jason Stapleton Program

9. OE Turbopower* Project: Brand logo for an automobile turbocharger manufacturer and supplier. Client: BBB Industries *Purchased by the client but not used

10. A Frayed Knot* Project: Logo and signage for a privately owned fishing boat. Client: Undisclosed * I love doing this type of work

11. Jason Stapleton Project: Personal brand design for Jason Stapleton / Jason has many ventures, products, podcasts, and brand needs; this logo is for his overall brand. Check out Jason's incredible podcast here >>> Jason Stapleton Program

12. Walking Gospel Project: Brand logo and merchandising graphics for a Gospel-inspired yoga and fitness lifestyle brand. Client: Walking Gospel

Big Thanks and Praise

> Thanks to ALL of my clients this year. If you don't see your work on this blog, it's mainly due to my self imposed limit choosing only 12 logos. I am proud of all the work we have completed this year.

> So much gratitude and praise for all my fellow designers and artists that I am lucky to know, collaborate with, learn from, be inspired by, and I admire from afar. I'm floored daily by the incredible work and talents that I see on instagram, twitter, dribbble, facebook, and the interwebs. Just to mention a few: Scotty Fuller, Diane Gibbs, Jordan Jameson, Mike Jones, Brian White, Rocky Roark, Aaron Draplin, Jason Carne, Dustin Lee, Suzanne Sarver, TJ Hartley and SO MANY fuel my fire with every post.

> Lastly, thank you Marcus Neto and Blue Fish for organizing and bringing the design evangelist, luminary, and stand-up comic Aaron Draplin (DDC) to our lovely little shire of Mobile, Alabama for his one day (practically) 1-on-1 design talk and meetup. That whole day, talk and crowd was the much-needed voltage recharge for me personally and professionally. YOU ROCK!

Want to see more of my 1Horse Design work? Click Here >>>

Want to do some cool work with me in 2019, contact me at and let's talk! I like to talk...ask anybody, and they will confirm.

Check out Deep Fried Studios and the great family of podcasts cooked up over there. Click Here >>>

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