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PTG - Post Traumatic Growth

Last Sunday, my pastor Rev. Beverly Gibson, said something in her sermon that has really stuck with me.

I am paraphrasing (from memory), so Beverly, please forgive me if I bumble your insightful words and concepts.

"People and the media talk about PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - and mainly focus on how crippling this condition is to people who suffer from this syndrome. But, we never talk about PTG - Post Traumatic Growth."

{Editor's Note: I want to stress that I know for a fact that Beverly is not minimizing the real problems of those battling PTSD.}

This PTG - Post-traumatic Growth concept (recognized by the American Psychological Association) and message has inspired me to relook at my own past trauma, and it's lingering effects if growth after trauma in my life. Luckily, I have "survived" all of my misfortunes, traumatic events, or life obstacles. Not only that, but more than likely, I have learned from them, been transformed positively from the resolution, or have come to the realization to finally "let something go."

LESSON: I have a choice to see any news, story, experience, or an opinion in more than one way. I can focus on the surface perception, fixate on the dark side interpretation, or I can train myself to search for positivity, insight, and hope. From now on, I'll look for the light whenever I can.

Thanks, Beverly!

To know more about Post-Traumatic Growth check out this website.

The Very Reverend Beverly Gibson, Ph.D., is the dean of the Christ Church Cathedral in Mobile, Alabama, and the co-host of the Pulpit To Pew Podcast. To learn more about Christ Church Cathedral visit

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