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What Does Deep Fried Studios, Madonna & Elvis Have In Common?

It's Easier Than Ever To Listen

Deep Fried Studios' Podcasts can now be found & heard on Spotify! Agent 251 Real Estate Podcast w/ Jason & Diana Will The Insurance Guys Podcast w/ Scott Howell & Bradley Flowers Swain Sinus Show w/ Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. & Stacy Wellborn Pulpit To Pew w/ Rev. Beverly Gibson & Johnny Gwin Visit Spotify and find these yummy podcasts by searching by show name or host. Of course, you can still listen to us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Overcast, and Stitcher but being listed on the free and premium Spotify website (& app) is a big deal for our small but mighty studio. Plus, it's a real convenience for you our loyal listeners to consume the Deep Fried shows right from your phone.

Thanks for your continued support and listening!


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