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Deep Fried Studio Spotlight: Agent 251 Podcast Guest - Pastor Shawn Reine

It has been a real blessing and a boost for me to work with Jason & Diana Will (Jason Will Real Estate) on the Agent 251 Podcast at Deep Fried Studios. While ee are just getting started I can't believe all the business and marketing sense that I absorb by editing their show. Both Jason and Diana share valuable personal lessons and business insights and they "bring it" to the podcast table every episode. Last week, Jason interviewed Pastor Shawn Reine about his "The Big Give" motivational speech and message. Shawn is a passionate fountain of knowledge and insightful motivational speaker focused on the transformation of the soul, body and your business. Yes, your business! There is a shift in business at it includes "heavily investing in others" and "being selfless, not selfish." Jason and Shawn are really on to something with this "Reine Ripple Effect" that will be featured on upcoming the Agent 251 podcast(s). This 2 part show will be released in a week or so, but I wanted to share a few gems from this recording.

Who Is Pastor Shawn Reine?

Shawn Reine has been in student ministry for the past 12 years in Louisiana and in Colorado serving as a youth pastor and a frequent speaker at youth camps, national conferences, businesses and civic organizations. His message is focused on the importance and the value of a developing a rich company culture built on a solid foundation of impactful core values. His talks inspire his audience to freely give abundantly to others and grounding your mindset from “selfish to selfless.” The passionate and emotional delivery of his message plants a desire in those who listen to that want to be better stewards of both time, opportunity, and their surrounding communities.

Jason Will (Agent 251) highly suggests that you should hire Shawn at your next sales meeting, your next staff retreat, or keynote your next seminar. You can read more about Shawn's mission in Colorado Springs and track his fund raising goal here. You can contact Pastor Shawn Reine at 720-297-9308 or

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Agent 251 Podcast

Agent 251 is an entertaining and informative real estate podcast that looks at our industry through the lens of our work, adventures, and culture at JWRE - Jason Will Real Estate in Mobile and Baldwin County, Alabama. Jason Will - Agent 251 - investigates and spills the beans on all his case-closing clues and industry secrets for motivating agents and brokers, as well as helping home buyers & sellers.

Listen to the Agent 251 Real Estate Podcast on iTunes, Overcast and Spotify

Agent 251 is recorded and produced by Johnny Gwin at Deep Fried Studios - Mobile, Alabama - 36604


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