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I love the X-Files. Sculls and Foxey are ingrained in the best TV years of my life. I am quite sure that my cynical and conspiratorial personality and mindset is deep rooted in my obsession with the mythological cannon of Chris Carter's writing and my ever burning deep desire to be a fourth member of The Lone Gunman. So, when X-Files was rebooted after a 14 year absence I was as ecstatic as Mulder finding proof of his beloved and elusive Sasquatch. While I can't say the main "arc" of the X-files story is outstanding, I do love the episodes that X-Filenatics call "monster-of-the-week" episodes. These episodes stray from the all evil government alien conspiracy to invade the world...yadda yadda yadda and focuses on a one (and done) 60 minute primetime battle of a supernatural entity versus Scully and Mulder. These TV gems are created in the vein of the classic TV shows "Twilight Zone" and "The Outer Limits". My favorite "monster-of-the-week" writer is Darrin Morgan, but my love his work is a whole other blog. Let me get to the point: in this final season and after 200 shows, the X-Files cast and writers have already created two episodes (in this final season) that will easily make my TOP 5 overall episodes - EVER!

Season 11 Killer Episodes

1. The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat - (season 11 / ep. 4) This is my X-Files series finale regardless of the creator's vision. This is this the perfect blend of kitsch, conspiracy, fake news, self-deprecating humor, TV science fiction, and weirdness that summarizes everything I love about the X-Files. > Great episode review

2. Rm9sbG93ZXJz - (season 11/ episode 7)

A dark, exciting and satirical look at the world of AI, technology and our unhealthy addiction to the internet of everything. As eerie as it was comical, I loved this Black Mirror, Mr. Robot, Scully and Mulder date mashup episode. > Great episode review

In this world of entertainment where we have so many options for groundbreaking work, mind-bending special effects and spectacular art it is dynamite to see a 1990's show resurrect itself while still being able to evolve. All the elements of why I love X-Files is still alive in the new episodes but there is also an interjection of new mojo and a fresh sense of style, content, and attitude. To be honest, the main story "arc" and carry over of Scully's son William is not great TV. Actually, it's barely mediocre. However, it is such a gift to spend time with some old and interesting friends who have seemed to be able to evolve, grow and improve with time. Thanks for all the memories, chills, and nightmares X-Files. Now that the show is ending maybe I can finally find the time to reboot the printing and digital version of The Lone Gunman newspaper.


Who's Johnny?

Johnny Gwin is a part-time blogger and once upon a time bass player in a traveling americana rock band. When rock stardom failed to launch he threw himself into to the world of advertising & design. After 16 years of the ups and downs of agency life he has found balance in his two lives. One life entails being a creative and graphic designer at 1Horse Design. The other is Content Director, Podcast Host and Producer at Deep Fried Studios - Mobile, Alabama's only podcast production studio dedicated to creating the smartest, most compelling and entertaining podcasts possible.

Recently, Johnny has launched a t-shirt and apparel company called Deep Fried Threads.

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