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Pt.2 - Eclipse Like a Rock Star - Maps

Smothered, Covered, Bigfoot & Eclipse Totality

Here is a list of handy-dandy and useful Eclipse maps. These maps not only pinpoint the best places to catch the "totality" of the August 21st but they also guide you to possibly locate Bigfoot, the South Carolina Lizard Man, or the perfect Waffle House booth. Thanks internet. You make our lives so easy!

Robert Allison created a map that helps you find a location where you can see the total eclipse and have a chance of seeing Bigfoot (aka, Sasquatch)!

Lizard Man is a local South Carolina swamp variation on a Bigfoot-style legend. Instead of being hairy, he's said to look like a human-sized, bipedal lizard creature. The South Carolina Emergency Management Division is responsible for a statewide emergency management program. It's also responsible for warning residents on twitter to be on the lookout for paranormal Lizard Man activity during the solar eclipse on Aug. 21. Oh, and if you happen to be in South Carolina for the eclipse and run across Bigfoot instead of a Lizard Man, police in Greenville County say they'd greatly appreciate it if you didn't shoot him. It might anger the Lizard Men.

If paranormal and crypto-zoology is not your cup of team, here is a map (created by UGA Professor Jerry Shannon) that will allow you to capture a Waffle House cup of coffee and the perfect waffle while watching the eclipse. Personally, I would have a coke and Bert’s Chilli while I was soaking in the eclipse.

This is the coolest (and most useful) eclipse interactive map that I have found on the web. Using your zip code, it will display the exact time, length of the event and a visual demonstration of moon coverage you will see over the sun. Bravo - what a great eclipse resource and tool.

I hoped these useful and interactive maps will enhance your experience. Have a wonderful solar eclipse, be safe and protect your eyes.

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