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Gloriou5 #8 - Mosquito Net Suits, Zen Bubbles and $1200 Lost Rubber Ducks

Scuba diving through the depths and pipes of Al Gore's magical internet I found foolproof mosquito fighting fashions, 19,000 lost at sea swimming rubber duckies, time traveling vacations and giant beach bubbles. Summer is definitely in full swing, and so is this Gloriou5. Enjoy:

When there just isn't enough mosquito spray in all the Gulf Coast, you know have the fool proof full-body mosquito net jumpsuits from Japan. I bet the Netsman could be a big hit in our bug infested part of the world. Maybe Austin Key at BugMaster will agree to order a shipment and test the wearability and reliability of these breathable and sporty mosquito net suits.. (Source:

19,000 of these "Made In China" rubber duckies were on their way from China to the U.S. fell overboard and were lost at sea. 15 years and 17,000 nautical miles later these bathtub buddies have been a research gift for scientist, oceanographers, and meteorologists. I think these rubber ducks are tougher than Scott Tindles WWII Gulf Coast Ducks. Next time you are at the beach keep an eye out for one of these tenacious world travelers (they have a First Years Inc. marking), it seems these toys are a popular with collector's on Ebay and can be worth 1200 dollars. (Source:

Why Am I obsessed with this little youtube video? I uncovered a personal oasis of serenity that makes me feel something and moves me to share it with others. Whatever this right mixture of other-wordy floating bubble visuals and atmospheric landscape music is, it gives me a sense of calm and peace. Does anyone get a peaceful calm from this glorious moment of Youtube Zen. (Source: Dustin Skye)

The FlexSafe by Aqua Vault is a personal and portable safe that attaches to virtually all beach furniture, allowing you to safely store your belongings. Daymond John, one of the Sharks on ABC's Shark Tank, took a big bite on this Miami-based company in 2015 and as of now they are available to all guests in every hotel in Miami. You can grab this brilliant product for yourself at the Aqua Vault website.

Reinterpreting the design style of the 1950's travel posters, these mid -century, beautiful and clever designs takes you on a visual time traveling journey re-romanticizing the idea of travel. Depictions of hiking with dinosaurs, skiing with wholly mammoths, and painting with cavemen these posters deliver a whimsical vision of what travel advertising would look like if we could vacation with Dr. Who's Tardis. (Source:


Quote of the Week:

“A great truth is a truth whose opposite is also a great truth.” - Neils Bohr

Podcast of the Week:

- This is a brilliant look at the life, career and unexplained suicide of hip-hop mega-force Chris Lighty. Not only is this a first-rate biographical podcast, it also delivers an entertaining history lesson on the early days of rap, hip-hop, and the evolution of the music and the business.

Sponsored Podcast of the Week:

Swain Sinus Show - Ep.5 - Sinus Surgery: Knowing When It's Time (Dr. Ron Swain, Jr)


Who's Johnny?

Johnny Gwin is a part-time blogger and once upon a time bass player in a traveling americana rock band. When rock stardom failed to launch he threw himself into to the world of advertising & design. After 16 years of the ups and downs of agency life he has found balance in his two lives. One life entails being a creative and graphic designer at 1Horse Design. The other is Content Director, Host and Producer at Deep Fried Studios - Mobile, Alabama's only podcast creation and production studio dedicated to creating the smartest, most compelling and entertaining podcasts possible. Recently, Johnny has launhed a t-shirt and apparel company called Deep Fried Threads.

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