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Deep Fried Studios Launches The Insurance Guys Podcast

Deep Fried Studios is excited to announce the creation and release of “The Insurance Guys” podcast series hosted by insurance entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and social media influencers Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers (#1 Insurance Agent on Snapchat.)

Mobile, Alabama, – November 21st, 2017 – Deep Fried Studios, a branded content creation, and podcast tech company, has launched The Insurance Guys Podcast series. In partnership with Scott Howell ( and Bradley Flowers, Johnny Gwin (DFS Producer) have created the The Insurance Guys Podcast to deliver a high energy, straight talk, and no BS show that is made by insurance agents for agents. The weekly topics will cover all aspects of the insurance game. From becoming an insurance agent to sharing real-life veteran experiences, tips and insights into hiring, sales, and the day to day reality of owning and growing a successful small to a mid-size insurance agency.

To hear The Insurance Guys Podcast, please visit

The Insurance Guys Podcast is designed to provide valuable information and insights in a fast, entertaining and candid radio-like show format for:

  1. Sharing tips and advice to improve an insurance agents job performance and inspire others to lift up the whole Insurance Industry.

  2. Creating an informational and organized real-life and real-world insurance business resource library for agency owners, veteran sales pros, and those just entering the profession.

  3. Discussing innovative and effective ways to use and leverage social media and digital content marketing to increase sales, increase lead generation and overall grow small to mid-size insurance agencies.

  4. Inspiring and motivating insurance brokers, salespeople, and customer service representatives to better serve their clients.

  5. Teaching the basics, ins & outs, and professional nuances of the insurance buying and selling process to help the general public become better consumers.

To date, The Insurance Guys Podcast features four episodes (total of 18 for the first season):

  1. How We Got Started In The Insurance Business Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers discuss how they found themselves in the insurance business along with the trials and tribulations associated with getting started. Click here to hear show.

  2. You're Now In The Insurance Business, What's Next? Hosts Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers talk about the next steps in getting started as an agent after you've made the decision that you want to become an agent and how to start writing good business. Click here to hear show.

  3. How Do You Deal With Rejection? Scott Howell & Bradley Flowers discuss dealing with rejection in the insurance business. What to do, what not to do, and understanding that some will handle the sting of “no,” and some won’t. Click here to hear show.

  4. Hire Slow, Fire Fast. In this episode, Scott Howell & Bradley Flowers discuss having to hire and fire staff. The right and wrong way to treat employees and when it's time to say goodbye. Click here to hear show.

The Insurance Guys Podcast is an on-demand, easily found and accessed internet show. There are five ways a listener may listen to the series: 1. Visit All podcast episodes (and show descriptions) are located on this website. 2. Search “theinsuranceguyspodcast” in the iTunes Store: Subscribe and listen to all shows on Apple’s iTunes store in the podcast section. 3. Search “theinusranceguys” on This player works great on Android phones. 4. Phone Apps: visitors wishing to receive new episodes immediately upon availability may also subscribe to the podcast’s RSS feed via podcasting apps like iPhone Podcast App, Overcast, and Stitcher. 5. Email: Email Johnny Gwin at and ask for a specific show or instructions to ensure delivery of all new episodes.

About Scott Howell

Agency Owner of Scott Howell & Associates, Inc - Nationwide Insurance in Athens, Alabama. Scott's purpose on planet Earth is selling insurance and is driven to inspire others to do the same. His agency specializes in the arena of Business and Financial Services. The Insurance Guys Podcast is Scott's first professional sequential podcast and is easily found in many pre-recorded and live videos on Facebook and Instagram. To learn more about Scott, visit

About Bradley Flowers Bradley Flowers is an Alfa Insurance Agent in Saraland, Alabama and the surrounding communities; he is an expert and student of the insurance game, co-founder of the Mobile Young Entrepreneurs group, and a thought leader in marketing and social media. Bradley has been named the #1 Insurance personality on Snapchat per Wall Street Journal. He is driven to provide outstanding customer service as well as insurance products that fit his client's needs and budget. Bradley's hobby is business, and he loves saying "YES" to his customers.

About Deep Fried Studios Deep Fried Studios produces podcasts that are entertaining and informative and provides a cutting-edge “alternative” advertising opportunity for businesses. Our studios are located right in the heart of Downtown Mobile's co-working club - Container Yard in Mobile, Alabama. Managed and produced by Johnny Gwin, Deep Fried Studios has developed and released six distributed shows with more than 100 episodes. The roster of shows includes Lagniappe’s Real Deal with Ron Sivak, Pulpit To Pew, Crusader of Cool, Swain Sinus Show, and Jason Will's Agent 251. Johnny Gwin consults local radio and podcast personalities and is a regular guest on the iHeart Media's Uncle Henry Show (TV and Radio), FMTalk 106.5, 2 Guys & Some Change Show, and The Crazy Marketing Ladies Network (Tampa, Florida.) The Insurance Guys Podcast is produced and recorded at Deep Fried Studios and is paid for and powered by Scott Howell & Company and Saraland Insurance.

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Deep Fried Studios



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