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Branding Breakfast Workshops

Branding Breakfasts - Waking Up Your Company & Personal Brand Where: Container Yard When: Tuesday, Oct. 10th, 2017 ~ 7am-8am (First Class) Cost: $15 (per class) Limited to 15 spots - CLAIM YOURS HERE

Recently I was asked to create a presentation on "Hacking Your Personal Brand" for the Public Relations Council of Alabama for their Toolkit event at the Mobile Chamber of Commerce. It was a lively group, and I enjoyed the opportunity to share my ideas for this great event. All in all, even though it wasn't a TED talk level delivery, I think it was a success. However, after the pressure of creating and delivering a public address was over, I had the realization that my own "personal brand" could use some real polishing. 18 years as an advertising professional and a career-long advocate for diligent and rigorous branding practices and I had become fully aware that I am not walking the walk of all my "branding" talk.

Turning a negative into an opportunity.

I am declaring my intention of systematically doing the "hard work" and incorporating the creative processes (and tools) I have used for my whole career - for small to large sized corporations - to boost and step up my overall marketing, networking, and personal brand.

I am creating a 6 part "Personal Branding" course. Once a week, 7am-8am, strong coffee, sugary doughnuts, and a structured - but informal - pro-level workshop class to juice any small company and/or "personal brand."

Lessson Schedule

Week 1 - Brand Intro, Theory, and Planning Week 2 - Personal Trait Inventory & Discovery Week 3 - Creative Brief Finalization & How To Fascinate© System Week 4 - Personal Anthem Tagline Creation Week 5 - Visual Graphics & Logo Exploration Week 6 - Business ID, Social Media, Website Integration

I'm pumped to start working on improving how I present my deliverables, measurables, and braggables. I hope those beginning or wanting to rework their company or personal brand will join me for this workshop.


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