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I'm Already In The Thing - HBO's Westworld Season 2 Finale

After all the mental processes of collecting, recalling, and analyzing HBO Westworld's programming of flash forwards, flash backwards, hosts, guests, real worlds, simulations, cornerstones, twists, turns, and shockers I have decided that I don't have to decipher the code to know that I just "love it." Westworld's perfect recipe of classic sci-fi, westerns, shogun films, existential philosophy, AI technology anxiety, beautiful cinematography, and stellar screenwriting makes this epic show feel comfortable but exciting and fresh all at the same time. Kudos HBO for creating another piece of pop culture art and entertainment that compels my free will to have to rewatch Season 1 and 2 while simultaneously leaving me in dire need of an upgrade for any Season 3 announcements, news, rumors, and premiers.

The only thing better than viewing Westworld is watching it with good friends and discussing the ups, downs, theories, and predictions with them after the episodes. Thank you Uncle Henry, Scotty White, KP, Angelo Semifero, and (sometimes present) Norman for all the season 2 dead-on commentary, crazy speculation, snarky remarks and off-color jokes (sorry again for that Uncle Henry.)

Check out a couple of the Uncle Henry Show Westworld Season 2 reviews here:

Want more Westworld info? Check out these solid resources for Westworld Season 2 Finale commentary and discussions:

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