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3 Reasons You Need Personal Branding

Recently, while enjoying time at my favorite watering hole (Callaghan’s Irish Social Club), I was challenged by a young entrepreneur to convince him why he should pay to work on his existing brand with the “brilliant” lessons from my Branding Breakfasts and Lunch Workshops. Immediately and enthusiastically I started describing ONLY the workshop outline and topics covered. In my euphoric haste, I ignored sharing the class’s specific value and benefit for him. Stone-faced he left unimpressed and I sunk in my chair feeling like a first-call telemarketer.

Putting down my drink I walked home in my best Charlie Brown sulking impersonation. After some regrouping and reworking my workshop pitch, here are three reasons I wish I would have made crystal clear to my curious entrepreneur:

1. Talent doesn't mean squat if no one knows your talent.

2. In noisy and distracted world, you need to stand out, be heard and be remembered.

3. Effecting marketing and advertising models are not static and change with time; your brand needs to be relevant, authentic, and always fresh.

Bottomline: we all could take a fresh look at our existing brand. Plus, make our personal (and corporate) branding a priority and continually work to craft and improve how we present and sell ourselves to the world, even in your favorite watering hole.

Want some one-on-one brand consulting?

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Johnny Gwin is an advertising art director by training, a graphic designer by necessity, and a podcaster by heart. Johnny’s informal personal branding workshops incorporate professional tricks & techniques he has used and curated over 18 years of advertising and branding experience to help business owners, entrepreneurs, brand managers, and artists create or improve how they share and sell their business, talents, passion or mission.

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