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Gloriou5 #10 - Sticky Names, Armchair Booty Hunters, and FREE METAL!

Welcome back to my weekly installment of the useless treasures found on my compass-less quests in the vast lands of Webtopia. The haul this week is a horde of cache consisting of chewed gum, pointless pointing pointers, Star Wars Landspeeders, and a 35 year quest for secret and buried literary booty. This 10th Gloriou5 email is brought to you by Old Shell Market and the Swain Sinus Show.

Happy reading my friends and never stop searching for your own internet gold.

This silly site is actually a beautiful and minimalist art website is fun and whimsical. After being fascinated by the sensitivity inside the human mouth, artist Navid Nuur taught himself how to shape gum into letterforms of the alphabet. With three different choices of gum to choose from, this sticky idea creates a Sagemiester-esque typographical high-resolution print that can be downloaded or shared on social media. Give it a try, make your own gum name, and stick it on social media with a #gloriou5gum tag - I will send you a sweet treat.

They say that literature, like virtue, is its own reward. Well getting lost in these books could have you finding a fortune. The works of Byron Preiss, and his 1982 children’s book series The Secret, is filled with clues to solve puzzles that lead to well-hidden and real financial rewards. What kind of monetary rewards? 12 ceramic keys (worth $1000 when found and delivered to the book's publisher) buried in casques throughout the United States. To date, only 2 of “The Secret” keys have been found, and according to this article, a dozen or so more “treasure hunt books” have inspired a whole new generation of bookworm-ish and web-savvy armchair treasure hunters. Am I the only one that thinks this is a brilliant way to promote a book? Sales gimmick or not, these literary puzzle treasure quests sound a whole lot more fun than Pokemon Go. The game is afoot armchair booty hunters, happy hunting - and reading.

Radio Flyer has released a perfect miniature replica of Luke Skywalker’s X-34 sand-blasted and sun-faded “Landspeeder”. Outfitted with seats for 2 “Padawan-sized” riders, an interactive dashboard with lights and real movie sounds, and a 5mph driving speed, this speeder provides a truly galactic driving experience. While this toy is built for a & Yoda-sized child, it’s high price tag is equivalent to Jabba The Huts bounty on Han Solo.

Who cares what the point is? It’s fun. I love this ancient web treasure and I think it’s a true find. A site that’s only purpose is just to point to where your cursor is pointing. That’s it! Seriously, this dumbass site is somewhat addictive and quite entertaining. Yes, I know how this website work, but like a good magic trick, I wish I didn’t know “the secret”. BTW, who the hell are all these pointing people? So go ahead and point, point, point and point some more, because on this page it’s not only not rude, it’s encouraged.

For Ozzy-sake, somebody give this guy a Dio-worthy “Devil Horn” hand sign. Just don’t let Gene Simmons see you do it, he will sue you for trademark infringement.


Quote of the Week:

“A man who doesn't love easily, loves too much.” - Agent Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks)

Podcast of the Week:

The story of what happened when an athlete (Stephon Marbury) used his name endorsement not to make a shoe more expensive than it needed to be, but to make it as cheap as humanly possible.


Sponsored Video of the Week: Old Shell Market


Who's Johnny?

Johnny Gwin is a part-time blogger and once upon a time bass player in a traveling americana rock band. When rock stardom failed to launch he threw himself into to the world of advertising & design. After 16 years of the ups and downs of agency life he has found balance in his two lives. One life entails being a creative and graphic designer at 1Horse Design. The other is Content Director, Host and Producer at Deep Fried Studios - Mobile, Alabama's only podcast creation and production studio dedicated to creating the smartest, most compelling and entertaining podcasts possible. Recently, Johnny has launched a t-shirt and apparel company called Deep Fried Threads.

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