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Video: Bill'E's Small Batch Bacon Vs. Conecuh Bacon Review

Mobile, Alabama and iHeart Media radio legend and "bacon expert" Uncle Henry helps me review Bill-E's Small Batch Bacon vs. Conecuh Bacon for the Old Shell Market. While I have to disclose this is sponsored content, the reactions and opinions are genuine and truly delicious. Spoiler: Bill-E ain't lying when he says "singing to your cured pork" is the secret to truly great bacon.

How we judged:

1. Packaging

2. Raw Eye And Smell Test

3. Taste

4. Grease Quality

I want to give Uncle Henry a big bacon greasy high five for his help on this. He was a gracious and patient media pro during every awkward moment of this video taping. You are a prince Uncle Henry.

Thanks Old Shell Market for the chance to make this video and taste both of these amazing bacon products. Check out Old Shell Market (Mobile, Alabama), it's daily delivered farm fresh produce where you always pay less. Look...if you can't wait to hit the weekend farmer's market, it's farmer's market everyday at this market.

Location: 3251 Old Shell Rd, - Mobile, Alabama 36607

This is Deep Fried Studios maiden voyage doing video at Deep Fried Studios and we would love some feedback. Seriously...and we are working on getting the audio louder for the next Old Shell Market review. And that's a promise.


Sponsored Content: Old Shell Market

Old Shell Market opened their doors to the local community more than 10 years ago and they continue to proudly sell the best locally grown produce, and specialty foods in their store every day. They love getting to know the people of the Mobile community and are always open to requests and suggestions.

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