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Glorious 5 - Week #2

After scouring the vast pipes and sand traps of the interwebs, here is my weekly GLORIOUS 5:

Due to Gregg Allman's recent and sudden demise, there are a 1000 odes on the web dedicated to the story of one of the musicians that pioneered the sound of what we know as "Southern Rock." Drew Millard's piece for NOISEY is my favorite look at this talented man, his ups and downs, his lifelong connection to his bother Duane, and how the Allman Brothers were a rebels against the music industry and existing Southern mindsets. Gregg Allman was a talented and complicated human that struggled with demons his whole career and played an organ like an angel. In the end, Mr. Allman was what exactly what he strived to be: A Bluesman. Read the whole article.

While the image of the "Blue Marble" and the lunar landing party is well-known, last year NASA released a treasure chest of photos from the Apollo Space Missions. I love looking through these pics because some of these photos seem like "selfies" that would be seen on Instagram today. Even with all the documented serious math, engineering and science that was needed to reach the Moon, these photos make it all feel so "human."

Bravo NASA for releasing these pics on Flickr, even though a part of me thinks you brilliantly faked the Apollo Moon landing? But, that's a discussion is for another blog.

I am not sure why my stumbling and bumbling across the web-o-shere landed me on a ton of revenge websites, maybe the web knows something I don't, but I loved this fun DIY optical trick. Come on! The head of your most hated rival chilling in your fridge right next to a head of half-rotten lettuce and year old mustard - how can this not be GLORIOUS! Learn how to pickle your enemies head here.

4. Plug It and Chug It - The Guzzle Buddy

Maybe the DIY nemesis head in a jar is not enough to make you feel strong, alive and just good...well then maybe you need the the Guzzle Buddy. This is the perfect gift for any occasion or when you are just too lazy to go pour another glass. Plus, who can resist their tagline: Pouring is boring! Buy the Guzzle Buddy here.

GIF source: Fox 35

The reactionary world of rabid political internet conspiracy theorists went beserker this week when a live streaming camera caught a blinking red light in the 2nd floor of the residences of the White House. Was it the Russians calling non-stop on the infamous nuclear hotline? Was The Donald blowing off steam by throwing a White House Rave? Did Trump bring back a Saudi Arabian red glowing orb? In the end it was none of the above, but it was all some beautifully, creative and complete entertaining speculation. What were those mysterious blinking lights? Who cares, it's more fun to speculate and tweet.

I would love to hear if you think these finds are worthy of your Glorious 5? Plus, please let me know what I missed last week at

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