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The Glorious 5 - Week #1

Truly Useless and Glorious Top 5

Here are my fav finds on the interwebs.

1. Trump's Glowing Saudi Orb Meets Lynch's The Black Lodge Twitter went wild this week with comparisons of comic-book villains, Star Wars protagonists, and Star Trek mind control, and New World Order illuminati conspiracy theories with the release of Trump's glowing Saudi orb image. I cannot find the creator of this meme but it's a brilliant David Lynch Twin Peaks (which was rebooted this week on Showtime) mashup image. I am sure Alex Jones weeped openly and loud when he saw this photo. Bravo internet meme-makers. Bravo!

2. Peeping Jacques Cousteau Exploring the world of underwater bikinis - in stealth mode. Yay, underwater drones are here! Click to see how to get your wet creepy hands on this.

3. Framed Tweets What is art? Andy Warhol put a print of soup cans in an art gallery and said it was art. Well I guess we are still deciding what is art in the age of social media. What tweet would you frame and hang on your wall?

4. Assolar Slingshot w/ Freakin' Lasers Laser targeting, powerful and lethal weapon that sure ain't no kid's toy. Might be a good idea that Amazon has this listed as CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.

5. Alabama's Official Bigfoot Capital Yes, Alabama has had an official Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Skunkape, whatever you want to call this mythical and hide and seek champion of all species sighting. Where? In the South Alabama county of legendary sausage making Conecuh County. Specifically it's Evergreen, Alabama, and the city council made it official with a vote and a proclamation. Thanks for my kind of "news that matters" and congrats for making my "Winning The Internet" Top 5. Agree with my Top 5?

What did I miss this week?

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