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Talking SabbaDoodles on the Design Recharge Show

Last week I had the pleasure of discussing why and how I do my weekly SabbaDoodles and business meeting sketchnotes on the wonderful video cast - Design Recharge. It was so much fun to talk to my good friend and the savvy show host, Diane Gibbs.

We talk about how sketchnoting has boosted my creative and artistic confidence, improved my graphic design and layout skills, strengthened my personal brand, and allowed me to connect with some of my graphic design and podcasting heroes. Plus, we discuss how Rev. Beverly Gibson and I incorporate the SabbaDoodles on our weekly Pulpit To Pew podcast.

Interested in sketchnoting? Check out the whole sketchnoting 4 part series. You will be glad you did.

Get to know Diane Gibbs and her great Design Recharge show at

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