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Swain Sinus Show Podcast Goes Live

Deep Fried Studios is excited to announce the launch of Dr. Ron Swain’s - The Swain Sinus Show podcast. Dr. Swain tapped Deep Fried Studios to create an effective and fun way to market his Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) practice to communicate with his existing patients and reach new ones. Hosted by Stacy Wellborn, the purpose of the show is to provide sinus and allergy information, insight and common sense to improve quality of life, breath easier, and feel better. Episodes will cover a range of topics, including sinus diagnosis, treatments, and surgical options. The Swain Sinus Show is designed to be enjoyed and used as a patient resource to help find the sinus specialist for you, identify common sinus symptoms, choose prescription and over the counter medication, and share some simple home remedies that actually work.

To date, the Swain Sinus Show features three full episodes, and at the conclusion of season 1 will total 12 episodes. Shows will be released every other week starting April 20, 2017 and can be found at, iTunes,, and other sites you find your favorite podcasts.

For more information, please visit


Check out the first Swain Sinus Show episodes:

Ep.1 - Who Is Dr. Ron Swain Dr. Swain Jr., and host Stacy Wellborn discuss Dr. Swain’s personal and medical background and why he wants to share his ENT and Sinus Specialist knowledge and insights.

Ep.2 - What is Rhinology? Dr. Swain Jr., and host Stacy Wellborn discuss Dr. Swain's medical specialty (Ear, Nose and Throat) and the difference between the sniffles and a chronic sinus condition.

Ep.3 - Common sinus symptoms and choosing over the counter drugs Dr. Swain Jr, and host Stacy Wellborn discuss sinus symptoms that could a sign that it's time to find a sinus specialist. Plus, how to choose the “right” over the counter medication for your reoccurring sinus issues.


There are many ways a listener can find, listen and subscribe to this show:

1. 2. iTunes Store 3. 4. iPhone Podcast App 5. Overcast App 6. Stitcher App (great for Android) [Click here to subscribe to the Swain Sinus Show] About Dr. Ron Swain Dr. Ron Swain, Jr. is a fellowship trained otolaryngologist specializing in rhinology, nasal and sinus surgery, and diseases of the nose and nasal cavity including allergy. Mobile, Alabama is an active area with chronic sinus and nasal problems, so daily he sees a lot of sick people with complaints of the ear, nose, and throat. He studied and trained to become an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) physician because he felt it was a nice mix of surgery and medical treatment. It wasn't all just about the operating room. On the other hand, it wasn't all just medical treatment either. Dr. Swain, Jr. is a physician with the Premier Medical Group, located in Mobile, Alabama. The Swain Sinus Show is brought to you in part by the Premier Medical Group About Deep Fried Studios Deep Fried Studios produces podcasts that are entertaining and informative for the listener and provide a cutting-edge “alternative” advertising opportunity for businesses. Located in Downtown’s co-working club Container Yard in Mobile, Alabama. Managed and engineered by Johnny Gwin, Deep Fried Studios has developed and produced 4 different shows with more than 100 episodes distributed. The roster of shows includes: Lagniappe’s Real Deal with Ron Sivak, Pulpit To Pew, Crusader of Cool, and Fan Of Podcast. While consulting other local radio and podcast personalities, Johnny is a regular guest on the Uncle Henry Show (TV and Radio) and The Crazy Marketing Ladies Network (Tampa, Florida.) Media Contact: Stacy Wellborn Deep Fried Studios 251.210.7038 @deepfriedstudio

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