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Zen And The Art of Jumbo Beach Bubbles

Super Giant and Mesmerizing Beach Bubbles

(Source: Dustin Skye)

Since starting the Gloriou5 blogs, I have been watching more youtube videos than I ever have. I can’t say that I have ever been a big internet video consumer. It’s funny what I find to be a "good" video. Take this simple and sweet homemade example. Obviously it was made and posted to sell this gnarly Super Giant Bubble Wand and some famous bubble making recipe called “Jumbo Juice”. It’s nothing special, but in an endless sea of extreme stupid human tricks, comedic group music parodies, and the ubiquitous “guy playing a video game” videos - this little masterpiece haunts me. Haunts me in a good way.

Why I think this is gloriou5:

1. The beautiful light and color of the beach 2. The playful and sweet interaction of the family 3. The floating bubbles are mesmerizing and relaxing 4. The music is sublime and a perfect match for this simple video.

{Editor's Note: The song is fog, by Lanterna on the album Desert Ocean. I have just started listening following and listening to this band obsessively of Spotify.} 5. For some reason this video feeds my current binge watching of all three seasons of Twin Peaks.

OK, what’s the damn point? Here it is. Yes, this is a run of the mill, amateur, DIY, marketing Youtube video, and honestly it doesn’t even entice me to buy this bubble maker (even with the Jumbo Juice.) However, none if that seems to be the point. I think this is art. Seriously, I do. On my aimless exploration of the internet, for whatever reason, I uncovered a personal oasis of serenity that makes me feel something and moves me to share it with others. Whatever this right mixture of other-wordy floating bubble visuals and atmospheric landscape music is, it gives me a sense of calm and peace. And I’ll buy a case of that and use it whenever I can.

On second thought and after the twentieth viewing of this video, maybe I will buy one of those giant bubble wands. I could then make my own serenity moments on the beaches of Gulf Shores anytime I wanted to. Plus, it seems that I can have an endless supply of cheap super secret “Jumbo Juice”, someone leaked the recipe out on the internet.

Does this video have a similar effect on anyone else?

Do you have a personal moment of Zen or serenity on the web?

Am I just a weirdo?


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