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Cutting Video.Trimming The Fat and Tasting Bacon.

A Valuable Lesson In The Power of Editing Video and Bacon.

Last week I made a Bill-E's and Conecuh Bacon review show for Old Shell Market and posted an 11 minute version on youtube. No matter how I tried, I just could not get the length of the video below 5 minutes. Well, after some needed time away from the creation of this project, I bit the bullet and deleted all the extra parts that I had previously thought that I just had to to keep. Like making good bacon, I chose the proper cuts, trimmed the extra fat and got straight to the good portions. Now this video is not near as good as Bill-E's Bacon, but it's a whole lot better than it was last week. Except for that damn audio issue. If I plan to keep doing these types of projects, I will need to spend some coin and figure out how to do better audio. We will work on that next month.

I hope you enjoy this much shorter version of this video. Thanks Old Shell Market for the chance to eat a boatload of wonderful bacon and try out my new MEVO camera.

Want to get your hands and taste buds on Bill-E's Small Batch Bacon or Conecuh Bacon? Visit Old Shell Market (Mobile, Alabama), not only do they stock the best bacon they're known far and wide for their daily delivered farm fresh produce. Look...if you can't wait to hit the weekend farmer's market, at Old Shell Market it's the farmer's market everyday.

Location: 3251 Old Shell Rd, - Mobile, Alabama 36607


Sponsored Content: Old Shell Market & Deep Fried Studios

Old Shell Market opened their doors to the local community more than 10 years ago and they continue to proudly sell the best locally grown produce, and specialty foods in their store every day. They love getting to know the people of the Mobile community and are always open to requests and suggestions.

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