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Podcast5 Picks #1

Due to the positive reception with the Gloriou5 blog and email - Stacy Wellborn (Deep Fried Podcast Studios) has ordered me to crank out the Podcast5 blog. Essentially, this will be a weekly blog of my favorite shows and episodes that are fed into my Overcast playlist, shows I just happen to stumble upon, and podcast recommendation from my podcast circle of friends and creators.

{EDITOR'S NOTE}: These first five are some blockbuster mega-podcasts, but I promise to share more independent and local podcasts in the next couple of weeks. Better yet, email me some suggestions.


Podcast5 Week #1

- Sponsored by Deep Fried Studios - where yummy podcasts are made from scratch.

Yes, I am a magic nerd (so is Ira Glass) and I am proud to be one and I loved this TAL episode. The Magic Show episode features Teller (the guy who doesn't speak in Penn & Teller) and his obsession and dedication with the craft and art of illusion. Plus, someone explains how David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear in front of millions of 1980s TV viewers.

Micro-dosing of LSD by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs has been all over the internet and the traditional print media lately. Could small and controlled usage of LSD unlock our creative brain and lead to a better self? Reply All host PJ not only investigates, he captures and records his experimentation with micro-dosing.

From Gimlet Media - this Undone podcast episode explores the 1979 rock radio station promotion that drew 50,000 fans to a professional baseball stadium to "Kill Disco". I thought the storytelling and insights into this flashback news story was first rate even though (IMHO) the narrative goes rather quickly to a place of systematic bigotry based on some anecdotal first hand interviews and perspectives. Music tastes and the music industry (see the punk rock explosion of 1977-1982) was changing and so was most of America. Undone presents an entertaining and enlightening POV narrative of how pop culture trends and taste can reveal a lot about us - the people a culture. Musicologists will tell you that this was the day that "disco died" - Undone presents an argument that that this "demolition day" transformed disco into something much bigger and ubiquitous.

Disco may "SUCK", but this podcast does not.

Planet Money goes to the Porcfest (Porcupine and Freedom Festival) to discover the joy of exchanging federally unregulated bacon for silver bits, getting alcohol from a 9 year old free state entrepreneur, and communing with a group of people determined to get the FED to return to the gold standard and abolishing the IRS.

While we debate about needing less government in our lives, I am all for more Planet Money.

Put the phone down already! Let yourself be able to get bored and then you can start daydreaming and letting your mind wander to the "default mode". This "default mode" is the mind space that helps you do your most creative thinking and problem-solving. Let's turn our phones back into tools and not addictions. NTS Host Manoush Zomorodi doesn't just talk about why we all need to try this bored and brilliant transformation but also, how to achieve it.


Shameless Plug

Look Ma! I'm on TV (and Facebook Live).

Uncle Henry kindly let me come on his iHeart radio and CW TV show to discuss the Gloriou5 blog, fidget widgets, Murphy's Law calculation, religious cults, current news and Trump Tweeting. My favorite part of the show discusses the Semi-Pro Wrestler named "The Progressive Liberal". I see big things for this wrestling "heel".

Have any great podcast recommendation?

Email me with the show and any details on your recommendaton and I will add it to my playlist to listen. I am always looking for new podcasts.

Podcasters Unite!

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